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Dogs In Aldasoro Ranch

On July 12, 2016, the San Miguel County Commissioners approved a modification to the Aldasoro Ranch Planned Unit Development to allow dogs under limited circumstances.  Following is a brief summary on the rules.  Please download the complete Rules & Regulations below for a complete understanding of the regulations.

Rules Summary

  1. Owners are allowed to have two (2) dogs.
  2. Owners must register dogs with the HOC and pay $50 annual fee (application below).
  3. Dogs must be on a leash when outdoors on the Aldasoro Ranch properties AT ALL TIMES.
  4. Dogs are not allowed on Aldasoro trails and open space during elk calving season, May 15 – June 30.
  5. No excessive barking, whining, yelping, or howling.
  6. No dogs shall be allowed at Short-Term-Rentals
  7. Outdoor dog confinement areas are regulated through Design Review process and cannot be larger than 500’sq.ft. Other restrictions apply. See Design Review page or contact the HOC.
  8. Dogs cannot be left out longer than 30 minutes in the outdoor dog confinement area.
  9. Contractors are not allowed to bring dogs on the Ranch when conducting business or performing services.
Dog Regulations.pdfDog Registration Application.pdfDog Fees.pdf