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Leasing - Short & Long Term

Short & Long-Term Leasing

Owners have the right to short-term or long-term lease homes subject to certain circumstances. Requirements include:

  • An owner shall not be allowed to Lease or otherwise rent for more than a total of six (6) times in any calendar year (i.e., no more than 6 different reservations).
  • All leases shall be in writing and cover the entire residence (i.e., no leases of bedrooms alone).
  • Short-term rental (less than 30 days) owners must complete a HOC application (link below).
  • Dogs are not allowed in short-term-rentals, (except service dogs supported by the appropriate documentation and copies provided to the HOC in advance of a reservation).
  • No timeshares or interval ownership is allowed.
  • Owners & tenants are responsible for tenant compliance with all existing HOC Rules & Regulations.
  • Owner must have a San Miguel County issued short-term rental license.
  • Owner must pay a Real Estate Transfer Tax of 3% of the short or long term lease. 


Click the following links to download the applicable long & short term lease regulation.

4th Amendment-2-22-2005.pdf


Click the following link to complete a HOC short-term-rental application. 

Short and Long Term Rental Application