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History of Aldasoro Ranch

Aldasoro Ranch history stretches back four and five generations in Telluride.

Jose Joaquin Aldasoro, who came to the United States from the Pyrenees Mountains of Spain in 1913 to work for a Utah rancher, was dropped off outside Green River, Utah and eventually made his way to the Telluride region.

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Sitting: Joaquin & Cristina, Standing From Left: Prudencio & Serapio

Joaquin carried on his sheep ranching heritage in Telluride. He married Cristina Aguirre, another Basque immigrant, and with his brother Prudencio and cousin Serapio, started buying up homesteads on Deep Creek Mesa near Telluride in 1926. By the mid-1950s, they had acquired 12 homesteads and pastured 5,000 head of sheep on the Mesa.

Joaquin's son, Albert Aldasoro, eventually took over the operation after marrying local girl Yula Mae Anderson.  Yula and Albert had three beautiful daughters, Pam, Angie & Cristine.  After many years of sheep ranching and following drastic changes in the region from a ranching and mining community to a resort community, the three daughters Pam Bennett, Angie Petersen and Cristine Mitchell, took over the family business and established the future of the Aldasoro Ranch Homeowners Company.

In the mid 1980's, a portion of the Ranch changed hands from the Aldasoro family’s development company to the Aldasoro Ranch Homeowners Company (HOC). After extensive development planning and infrastructure improvements, the Aldasoro Ranch Planned Unit Development (PUD) was approved  by San Miguel County which includes 166 homesites generously spread over 1,515 panoramic acres.

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If you have ever driven to or from the Telluride Regional Airport on Deep Creek mesa, you have undoubtedly come upon the iconic Hogg Ranch buildings that greet visitors entering Aldasoro Ranch. They were once used as dairy, storage, and a place to keep livery animals and sheep. Adding to the historical fabric, Mr. Hogg was a U.S. Congressman in the early 1900's and penciled the federal bill that established Mesa Verde National Park.

Today, Aldasoro Ranch HOC consists of single family custom homes located on various lot sizes ranging in size from 1-15 acres, as well as 620 acres of open space, covered in aspen, scrub oak, prairie grass and wildflowers. Every lot has magnificent views of the Telluride Region, San Juan Mountains, and the surrounding area.  A drive from any home in Aldasoro is less than 15 minutes to Downtown Telluride, Ski Resort or Golf Course.

The HOC provides water, covenant oversight, design review, open space, trails, and road maintenance services on behalf of all owners in the community.