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Backflow Prevention

First Notice to HOC Owners 

Homes located within the Aldasoro Ranch HOC that contain either a fire suppression system (Sprinklers) or irrigation backflow device, are required to get these devices  annually tested by a certified backflow inspector.  The HOC Backflow Prevention and Cross Connection Control (BPCCC) policy (see below), which is detailed in Article X of the Aldasoro Ranch Homeowners Company Water Rules and Regulations #10, mandates inspections to irrigation and fire systems in the first half of the year. 

The HOC must receive backflow inspection reports by July 15th annually.  The HOC recommends you contact local backflow inspection company, San Juan Backflow Services, at 970-596-0408, as soon as possible. They are currently taking appointments to test devices.  Keep in mind to schedule the apppointment until after your irrigation has come on-line for the season.

Most of these backflow devices are inside the home and/or garage. The inspector will need access.  If you are not at the residence, or if your property manager is not available, the HOC can assist you to coordinate the appointment.   

Please contact HOC Water Operator Pat Drew, if you would like to know if your project is subject to this requirement.  Thank you.



10.1  Check Valve. "Check Valve" shall mean a self-closing device which is designed to permit the flow of fluids in one direction and to close if there is a reversal of flow.

10.2  Backflow Prevention Device. The Aldasoro Homeowners Company requires an approved, testable, Reduced Pressure Backflow Assembly (RPBA) be installed on all new construction and remodels. This requirement may be reduced to an approved, testable, Double Check Valve Assembly (DCVA) at the discretion of the Homeowners Company representative. The supplier must ensure that all irrigation lines tapped off the water main and fire suppression systems shall be protected by approved backflow devices and inspected annually.

10.3  Approved Air Gap. Approved Air Gap shall mean a physical separation between the free-flowing end of a potable water supply pipeline and the overflow rim of an open or non- pressurized receiving vessel. To be an air gap approved by the department, the separation must be at least:

•  Twice the diameter of the supply piping measured vertically from the overflow rim of the receiving vessel, and in no case be less than one inch, when unaffected by vertical surfaces (sidewalls); and:

•  Three times the diameter of the supply piping, if the horizontal distance between the supply pipe and a vertical surface (sidewall) is less than or equal to three times the diameter of the supply pipe, or if the horizontal distance between the supply pipe and intersecting vertical surfaces (sidewalls) is less than or equal to four times the diameter of the supply pipe and in no case less than one and one-half inches.

10.4  Installation.  All backflow preventers shall be installed as per the manufacture’s recommendations and in a manner to prevent freezing. RPBAs shall be fitted with a leak shroud and drained to an approved air gap.

10.5  Testing. All testable backflow preventers shall be tested upon installation, after maintenance or moving of the preventer, and yearly by a certified Backflow Assembly Tester. A copy of these tests shall be submitted to the Homeowners Company. The requirement for testing backflow devices is the responsibility of the property owner, including related expenses. All such backflow test reports shall be submitted to the Aldasoro Ranch Homeowners Company no later than July 15th each year.   

10.6  Unapproved Auxiliary Water Supply. At no time shall an unapproved water supply be piped directly into the Homeowners Company water system or into a homeowner’s home.

10.7  Enforcement for non-compliance.  If owner does not supply the Aldasoro Ranch Homeowners Company with a copy of the annual backflow testing report by July 15, they will be sent notice of non-compliance and have 120 days to provide an inspection report. If no report is received after 120 days, the water service will be isolated from the main water system at the "curb-stop" service valve feeding the property until such time a “passing” testing report is received.

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