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All roads within the Aldasoro Ranch subdivision are private roads that are owned, operated and maintained by the HOC. Please be mindful of the 25-mph speed limit! Things to note:

  • No parking of any vehicles on roads without the prior written approval of the HOC. Construction vehicles are allowed to park on the street during construction projects.
  • No improvements are allowed, including landscaping, in the general easement right-of-way.
  • Bicycles may ride along the right side of the road.
  • No other non-motorized vehicles, including without limitation, skateboards, rollerskates, roller blades, roller skis, sleds or skis are allowed on roads.
  • All dog waste on roads must be picked-up and properly disposed of by the owner.
  • Do not place or plow snow from driveway onto the roads or right-of-way.