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Design Review Regulations

These Design Regulations are adopted to:

  • Further the design goals and philosophy for the Community set forth in the Governing Documents,
  • Establish a process for preparing, submitting, and reviewing Applications for proposed Lot Improvements, and
  • Ensure compliance with the Building Site Covenants, the Building Height Covenants, the Turn Out Lot requirements, the Border/Wildlife Lot requirements, Wetland Buffer Lot requirements, and other requirements of the Governing Documents relating to design and construction of Lot Improvements.
  • Subject to the Governing Documents and applicable Colorado law, the Design Review Board (DRB) will monitor and ensure compliance with these Design Regulations and approvals granted by the DRB.

The DRB will from time-to-time will recommend to the Board Of Directors changes to these Design Regulations.

Fifth Amended and Restated DRB Regulations June 28, 2022