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Plowing & Snow Storage

Aldasoro Ranch Snow Removal

The HOC spends a significant portion of our time on snow removal operations, working to keep the roads safe, so you can get to where you need to go. There are a few key ways that you can help us in our snow removal operations so that we’re working for you as efficiently and effectively as possible.

1. Don’t park in the street.

Vehicles that are parked in the road get in the way of snowplows, preventing us from keeping the street clear of snow. This leaves hard piles of snow and ice that create hazards for other drivers.

2. Don’t push snow from your driveway into the street.

When you shovel, plow or blow snow into the road, it’s harder for road crews to do their jobs. And snow that’s pushed into the road can be dangerous for other drivers and a nuisance for your neighbors.  Please remember that snow from your driveway must remain on your property.

3. Don’t let children play in roadside snow banks.

Playing close to the road can be very dangerous, particularly during winter weather, when roads are slippery.

4. Wear light-colored or reflective clothing if you're walking on the road.

When plows are out day or night, they may not be able to see you on the road, especially if you're wearing dark clothing.

5. If your road isn’t plowed right away during a snowstorm, please be patient we'll be there as soon as we safely can.

6. Trash cans must be kept at the home enclosure or inside garages, not in the street or driveway.

Refuse, garbage and trash must be kept in a covered container at all times and any such container shall be kept within an enclosed structure. Trash companies are required to empty trash at the enclosed structure at the home site and return containers directly back into the covered structure. Owners are not allowed to place or leave garbage cans on driveways, streets, or rights-of-way.