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The Aldasoro water system provides clean, purified, drinking water to each lot on the Ranch. 
A great deal of care is taken by all staff to ensure that the system is maintained in good working order and serves our owners well.  

Demand on our system is increasing with more homes being completed and owners spending more time here.  Peak water usage is in July and August when irrigation systems have the highest demand.    Each home receives 16,500 gallons per month at a fixed price [currently $85/month].   Of those 16,500 gallons, a maximum of 4,000 can be used for irrigation.

Although our existing water infrastructure have served us adequately since the Development began, the AHOC Water System faces a number of risks, none of which are imminent.  Water supply can be interrupted by factors like drought, aquifer depletion, and equipment failure.   Purification risks include equipment failure and fire.  

The HOC is currently developing plans to build redundancies into our system.  These include building a second water tank, buying critical equipment spares [e.g., pumps, valves] for our own inventory; developing locations for other wells; and contingencies for emergencies [e.g., drought, fire, major leaks, etc.].

The HOC’s water system requires careful monitoring and preventative maintenance by following existing standard operating procedures for water treatment and distribution inspections, repair, and maintenance.