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Water Rules & Regulations

Water Operations Rules & Regulations

Responsibilities of the HOC. Except as otherwise provided by these Rules and Regulations, the Homeowners Company is responsible for the water system, which operation and maintenance shall be carried out in accordance with these Rules and Regulations. The Homeowners Company shall not be liable or responsible for inadequate treatment or interruption of service brought about by circumstances

Responsibilities of Customer.   Each customer shall be responsible for constructing, repairing and maintaining, and all costs thereof, the entire length of the service line serving his property. Service lines shall be constructed in accordance with these Rules and Regulations. Leaks or breaks in the service line shall be repaired within sixteen (16) hours of obtaining knowledge of a leak or from the time of notification of such condition by the Homeowners Company. The Homeowners Company shall shut off the service until the leaks or breaks have been repaired, and the cost therefore shall constitute a lien on or against the property of such customer to secure payment of such costs.

Water Rules and Regulations 2023 #10.pdf