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Design Review Regs & Process

The HOC is responsible for the administration and enforcement of all covenants and restrictions set forth in the Governing Documents, acting through its Board of Directors (BOD) and through the Design Review Board (DRB). The members of the DRB are appointed by the BOD.

The DRB is established to review and approve, approve with conditions, or deny all proposed Improvements upon Lots within the Community, subject to appeal review by the BOD. The DRB conducts its review in accordance with the Governing Documents, for the general purpose of preserving, protecting, and enhancing the natural beauty, harmonious design, and desirable environment of property in the Community.

If you are an owner of Aldasoro Ranch and would like to see the current list of projects under consideration of the Design Review Board, visit the owners only portion of this website.  Contact the HOC if you need to register.