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Recreational Vehicle Parking

Campers, boats, trailers, and recreational vehicles, must be kept and stored in a fully enclosed structure on the property. The Declarations do not allow these items to be stored in a driveway or outside parking area.

Third Amendment to the General Declarations, Section 7.7

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Loading & Unloading In Driveway

The HOC Board has also adopted a policy clarifying the time limit for temporary loading and unloading of recreational vehicles within an owner’s lot.  Parking/staging of a recreational vehicle on a lot shall be allowed for a maximum of 3 consecutive days for loading in preparation for a trip and a maximum of 3 consecutive days for unloading after a trip. The loading and unloading periods shall not be consecutive; there must be a period of time between the three-day loading and unloading periods during which the recreational vehicle is not parked or located upon the lot.

RV Storage - HOC Maintenance Barn

The HOC is offering a limited number of RV parking spaces for lease at the HOC barn facility for HOC members only. Click the following links to learn how to apply.

RV Parking Policy.pdfRV Parking Lease Application