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Report a Covenant Violation

Complaints regarding alleged violations of the Governing Documents may be reported by an Owner or resident within HOC, a group of Owners, the HOC’s management company, Board member(s), DRB Members, or committee member(s) by submission of a written complaint.


Complaints by Owners shall be in writing and submitted to the Board of Directors through the HOC’s manager.  The complaining Owner or resident shall have observed the alleged violation and shall identify the complainant (“Complainant”), the alleged violator (“Violator”), if known, and set forth a statement describing the alleged violation, referencing the specific provisions which are alleged to have been violated, when the violation was observed and any other pertinent information.  Non-written complaints or written complaints failing to include any information required by this provision may not be investigated or prosecuted at the discretion of the HOC.


Upon receipt of a complaint by the HOC, if additional information is needed, the complaint may be returned to the Complainant or may be investigated further by the HOC’s manager or a member of public safety staff.


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