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Prospective Owner Information

Aldasoro Ranch is a quiet, family residential-only neighborhood.  The HOC strives to preserve and enhance our community by providing a beautiful well-maintained, safe and neighborly environment.  We ask that all owners, renters, contractors, and visitors abide by the HOC rules & regulations for the common benefit and enjoyment of all homeowners.   

Utilities & Providers

  • Water:  Aldasoro Ranch  970-728-5191, Click here for more info
  • Sewer:  Town of Telluride 970-728-2162 or 970-278-2171,
  • Electric: San Miguel Power Association 970-728-3825,
  • Gas: Black Hills Energy 800-563-0012,
  • Telephone: CenturyLink 800-244-1111,
  • Trash: Bruin Waste Management, 970-864-7531,
  • Internet: Century Link or Spectrum Internet
  • Satellite TV: Direct TV 800-280-4388 or Dish Network 866-754-3474
  • Mail:  The post office will assign new owners a mail box at one of the mail buildings at the Ranch. Use your physical street address for all changes of address notifications.

Rules at a Glance

  • Conserve water during the summer.  Outdoor irrigation is limited to 4,000 gallons monthly.
  • Remove noxious weeds from your property.
  • Maintain your property.  Keep it neat.
  • Dogs should be under owner control at all times and not allowed to roam or harass wildlife. HOC registration is required.
  • Obey speed limits.  Drive slowly especially in winter months.
  • Maintain defensible space and clean up deadfall. 
  • There is no parking allowed on streets especially during snowplow operations.
  • Keep snow on your property.  You are responsible for clearing your driveway and any berms left by plowing.   
  • No trailers, campers, recreational vehicles stored outside on property. 
  • All trash cans are stored inside at the home in designated trash rooms and picked up at the house. Do not take cans out to the curb.
  • Contact the HOC prior to any exterior home modification to determine the process of approval.
  • Check with the HOC prior to cutting trees or making changes to landscaping.
  • This community is dark sky compliant. No exterior bright lights are allowed.
  • No continuous loud or noxious sounds are allowed.